FeaturesECGO provides more value than any other drop shipping service provider.

We are proud to deliver a "One Stop Shop" solution for online resellers.

ECGO and its affiliates takes up the tedious work in managing individual suppliers and simplify processes in creating product profiles, monitoring inventory and fulfilling customer orders. EG-CO members can then allocate more time to study market trend, select right products, provide customer service and to become more competitive and profitable in the marketplaces they operate.
One Single Technology Platform.
ECGO members no longer need to work out relationships and contracts and to figure out each individual wholesale supplier's unique requirements and processes, ECGO provides uniform access to all products through a single, simple interface. Place orders to multiple suppliers and track order status all in one place.
International Drop Shipping.
ECGO members are no longer restricted to sell only to North America domestic market, it opens up unlimited market opportunities for your online marketplaces. ECGO partners with wholesale suppliers to enable drop shipping to customers across the globe. EG-GO and its affilaites have eFulfillment centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, United Kingdom and the United States to complement eFulfillment operations of suppliers.
Quality Products. Global Supply Base.
ECGO members gain instant access to our global supplier network. We only work with reputable suppliers who has the experience in providing quality products to international distributors. ECGO actively search for qualified suppliers to expand its catalog with new, innovative and highly sought-after products for members. ECGO also run a dedicated professional QC team to ensure product quality and provides product packaging advice to wholesale suppliers.
Efficient Inventory Management.
ECGO members build and maintain a virtual inventory through the uniform sourcing platform. Selected products can be organized as inventory listings as often as you need and that all updates can be easily feed into your online stores or auction sites.
Competitive Wholesale Price.
ECGO members benefit in securing highly competitive wholesale price from the global supply network. Thanks to our international shipping capability, ECGO attracts reputable and high quality suppliers in different parts of the world who wish to increase sales and distribution to the ever growing online reseller community. ECGO plays a vital role in the value chain and is able to obtain highly competitive price, which in turn converts into higher margin for ECGO members.
Push To Marketplace.
ECGO members accomplish product listing in their online marketplace or auction sites in no time. Complete with product pictures and full product description, members can initiate product data feed with just a few clicks. The whole process is automated and simple to use.
Seamless Integration.
ECGO provides seamless API integration with many eCommerce platforms. Automatic feed of product data to online marketplace. Maintain up to date pricing and inventory data.
Data Export Tool.
ECGO members whose eCommerce platforms are not supported by API integration can also export product data into an excel spreadsheet in the format required by the shopping cart software. Product data feed to online stores or popular auction sites can be done in a few simple steps.
Making Buy & Sell easy


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