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Whether you are a manufacturer, a brand principal, an artist or a wholesale distributor, if you want to increase sales and distribution of your products in different parts of the world, ECGO is the B2B marketplace to go!
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Here is how ECGO works:

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    Set policies

    Determine shipping strategy & pricing

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Increase Global Reach. EGCO attracts online resellers in different geographies as we enable drop shipping to online shoppers internationally. Your products can reach out to consumers from all parts of the world. ECGO can complement your drop shipping capabilities by close collaboration in the fulfillment execution. We offer untapped potentials for your business growth.
International Drop Shipping. ECGO and its affiliates maintain a network of eFulfillment centres that span across Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, United Kingdom and the United States. In regions where you do not run a fulfillment operation, you can simply handover the drop shipping function to ECGO. We are your business partner of trust.
Seamless Integration. Automate your product, inventory and order file integration to your existing system. Add new retail channels easily without all the setup hassle.
Robust Order Management. ECGO technology platform and API automates every step of the product cycle from product listing to order processing, returns management and collections. The process is simple, you confirm and fulfill an order when you receive notification from ECGO.
Powerful Reseller Management. ECGO's Reseller Management Module helps you manage your relationships with online resellers. You can manage product, orders, resellers, and policy settings from the supplier interface.
Restricted Product Catalog. Maintain an online restricted catalog for existing and new resellers where you have an exclusively distribution relationship. You can easily manage the categorization of your wholesale products based on your sales terms to your clients and expand your catalog to anyone you approve.
Value Added Services. ECGO offers value added services such as digital asset production including photography and copywriting. ECGO and its affiliates operate custom-built studio to accommodate all the photography and video production needs of apparel, accessories, electronics, cosmetics, home furniture and appliances products, just to name a few.

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